Goofy Golf Challenge


 For the “Goofy Golf Challenge,” middle school students had to attend Sunday School at least three times every month during March, April, and May. We had three students completed the challenge: Allison Taylor, Isabelle Howerton, and Andrew Taylor! For completing the challenge, they enjoyed a fun time at Goofy Golf in Sandusky with a Do-it-All pass, which included: mini golf, arcade, go-kart races, and bumper boats. Afterwards, they were treated to pizza at Chet and Matt’s.

Bumper BoatsGoofy Golf!Go-Kart Racing


Go-Kart RacingGo-Kart RacingGo-Kart Racing


Go-Kart RacingGo-Kart RacingMini Golf

Bumper BoatsBumper BoatsBumper BoatsBumper Boats