2019-2020 Elected & Appointed Church Staff
Church Board:
Pastor: Dan Vickey
Sunday School Superintendent: Dave Shondell
Trustees: John Dumbroff (Head), Paul Hays, Chuck Lemay, Andrew Ollom
Stewards: April Apsey, Pat Reid,
Church Board Secretary: Bonnie Dumbroff
Treasurer: Narda Lemay
Sunday School Department: 
Sunday School Superintendent: Dave Shondell
School Board: Sandy Hays, Narda Lemay, Darla Reese, Tim Smith & Jill Vickey
Church Ministries: 
Music Ministry Committee: Chuck Lemay, Cheryl Shondell and Pastor Vickey
Audio/Visual Technician: Dave Shondell
Head Usher/Welcome Ministry: Dean Reese
Women’s Ministry Director: Margaret Billow
Men’s Ministry Director: James Apsey
Sport Activities Chairman: Dean Reese & Pastor Vickey
Memorial Chairman: John Dumbroff
Public Relations: Pastor Vickey
Finance Department:
Treasurer: Narda Lemay
Asst. Treasurer: Dean Reese
Head Teller: Darrell Reid
Giving Secretary: Chuck Lemay
Finance Committee: John Dumbroff, Joan Howerton, Chuck and Narda Lemay, Tinisha Ollom, Faith Postlethwait, Dean Reese, Pastor Vickey